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    Has anyone tried to load AOL Instant Messenger on the Treo?
    I used to use it quite a bit on my Kyocera 6035, and am looking forward to keyboard input instead of grafitti.

    I have noticed that a golf solitaire game that works on my Kyocera won't work on my wife's Treo 90... I hope there aren't too many incompatability issues like this...

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    I loaded IM and it works fine. I am curious if it has any material effect on battery life.
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    I sure wish Yahoo would roll out a Plam version of IM.
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    Originally posted by Q Man
    I sure wish Yahoo would roll out a Plam version of IM.
    try this on your treo

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    I hear others say that they are running AIM version 11.prc ok on the Treo 300. I loaded it, put in my screen name an password, it connects and when checking the password gives me a not good password message and suggests that I get a screen name. Same screen name and pw works just fine on three computers. Got a new one anyway. Same problem. AOL never never answers any emails.



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