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    My 680 has several very annoying conditions, firstly it won't hotsync via usb, I get 'usb device not recognised', have tried resetting the registry entries, etc. Secondly won't hotsync with bluetooth, just tells my the port is already in use. Thirdly won't hotsync by IR, runs for a minute then tells me the connection was interrupted. So no hotsync options left.

    As you can imagine this renders the phone useless as a pda, so I have put it in the kitchen drawer and dug out my old handspring visor instead (pity it has no phone).

    Any solutions to this? I don't care how slow as long as I can sync.

    And does anyone do a serial cable or cradle for the 680? All this 'plug and pray' stuff is really annoying.
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    To what OS (Mac OS, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux, etc.) are you HotSync'ing?

    What version of Palm Desktop are you using?

    At work, I HotSync to WinXP/Palm Desktop 4.x /MS Outlook 2003 using a cradle (USB). At home I HotSync to Vista Home Premium 64 bit/Palm Desktop 6.2 using Bluetooth.

    Installing Plam Desktop on Vista (especially 64 bit Vista) is a pain, but I have a process that works.
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    Hi pvman -

    Can you share your hotsync methods - please oh please!!!!!

    I'm using Vista 64-bit Home Premium, but don't have a cradle... I don't *think* i have the Palm Desktop 6.2 installed b/c i read there are problems with it and Vista.

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    I can't sync my treo 680, everytime I try to connect to my PC it says "MTP Media Player". How can I resolve this?

    Pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re the MTP error problem above - Try going into ptunes, select Prefs -> Copy to PC Prefs, and then switch option Communication to "Off".

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