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    So just now I started being unable to send email through the business connection software on my Treo 300. I can receive fine, but I can't send any data to the server (i.e. deleted messages, sent mail, etc.). I get no errors, it just doesn't go through.

    Symptom of the network upgrade or something else?
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    I'm not having a problem. I assume you're using the mail client on the Treo and not accessing PCS BC via Blazer? Is your work computer/server down? You might want to test your PCS BC acct by sending an email to it through another emailer. I don't know. We need more info.
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    Yes, it's on the Treo. Basically, it can receive updates from business connection but does not send them. For example, when I read a message on my Treo, then synch again, it doesn't show the message as read in Outlook on my machine. This just started happening today - it worked fine yesterday.

    Very odd. I haven't changed any settings.
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    Another update - when I use the PCS website ( and send an email, everything works fine. It's like my phone is operating only one-way, receiving, and not sending anything to the server.
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    I had the same problem about sending mail via Sprints BC. After getting to the fourth, yes fourth level of tech support, I managed to get Treo Mail working so I gave up. When I finally got a call back, I was told that I was the only one having that problem. I prefer Treo Mail anyway so I don't have to have my desktop on at work to sync up.
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    Well, I deleted and reinstalled the client software on the Treo - works fine now.

    Strange. Strange indeed.

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