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    We've got a lot of support personnel here at NetEndeavors who utilize POP email as well as SMS. Some time ago we created a process whereby our people would be notified via SMS message of new POP email. This eliminates the need to constantly check your email and/or have email pushed to you as is the BC paradigm.

    If anybody is interested in utilizing such functionality, we're planning on offering it to the public (no pricing yet, but far cheaper than BC). If any of you are interested in receiving SMS notification of email received at your pop email server, including email 'from address' and 'subject', send us a note at NetEndeavors.Net.

    You can try before you buy as this is a new public offering.....
    David H. Barnes
    NetEndeavors, Inc.
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    I just tried turning on SMS notification on Treo Mail on my 300 and it works. I had a suspicion that it would as Sprint have inbound SMS to their phones.

    The service mentioned in the original posting seems potentially useful for those avoiding the costs of TreoMail or Basejet but it could turn into a subscription service. Without a POP client like TreoMail that checks the mail periodically or automatically upon receipt of the SMS or a preset # of sms, I suspect it is of limited use.
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    You're correct in stating that you would still need some kind of POP client to actually read your email....

    Our intent with the tool is to notify the recipient of email while eliminating the requirement of actually sending it to your wireless device. Couple this with the ability to screen email based on sender address or subject and you can insure that you are notified of email which is of importance to you. Upon notification, you would then access your POP account via your wireless access or other means....

    It's simply away to notify you of email which has arrived without actually receiving it....
    David H. Barnes
    NetEndeavors, Inc.
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    As long as the sms message contained useful information like the sender and subject. At least then you could decide if its worthwhile to do a sync.

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