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    This seems like a primitive question, but how do I sync my Outlook contacts to my phonebook on my Treo 300. When I did my first sync, it added all my contacts, but now when I make changes on my Outlook and hot sync the changes are not reflected on my palm.

    Anyway to get this setup? I know on my old Visor PocketMirror was what did this, but now it seems like that is not included anymore? Don't see it anywhere.

    On a side note, I am running Sprint Business Connection and its great, only thing I don't like is that there is no email address book on the handheld for it, hence why I am trying to get above problem solved.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The PocketMirror conduits are included with Treos. It is an option when installing the Palm Desktop software but if you missed it you can always do it later by running from the Start menu | Programs | Handspring | Install Outlook conduits. You can also just reinstall the CD and watch out for the Outlook option when it asks you. Your data is safe when doing re-installs.

    Your original question was how to get Contacts from Outlook into your Treo. Here are a few common tips which make it easier:

    1. Only the root folder of your Contacts in Outlook synchs with your Treo. No subfolders. If you want subfolders or other folders like Public folders, buy PocketMirror Pro from Chapura or Intellisync from Pumatech.

    2. To add contacts from your Exchange address book in an organization, select the names you want in the Exchange Address book and right click one or a group. Take the option Add to personal address book. This transfers the contacts to your personal Contacts folder and makes them ready for transfer.

    The way that PocketMirror operates with Exchange is to maintain a link to the email and phone number fields in Exchange even though you now have a copy in your local Contacts folder. It is smart.

    3. Before you synch over a block of Exchange records, it is wise to understand what will come across.

    - if your company stores only extensions in the Exchange address book, that is what will appear for the phone number and you will have to manually change the numbers to add the full dialing prefix. e.g. 4177 comes over but you have to dial 601 555 4177 to call the number. I dont know any quick way to remedy this one.

    - email address translation is tricky. PocketMirror standard can synch only one of these three things - the Display name, the x400 address or the email address in SMTP format. I have no idea why Chapura thought it a good idea to transfer either of the first two addresses because they are of no use on a palm powered device.

    Go into Outlook and select the Pocketmirror icon (a green box in the toolbar). Select your username and click the Settings button. Now select the Outlook Contacts conduit and click on the Change button. On the left side of the dialog that appears is an item called Email translation. (If you dont have this option, get the latest update of Pocketmirror from Check the box which says "use the full email address..." ; it is the only control on the right side of the dialog.

    You are not quite finished though. If your Outlook client is set up to search local Contacts before it checks Exchange addresses, this feature of Pocketmirror does not work properly. From Outlook, go to the Outlook Tools menu and select Services. Click on the Addressing tab. Make sure that Global Address list is at the top of the list. If you dont do this the x400 address will transfer instead.

    If you already transferred a bunch of useless email addresses, you can go back and fix this by doing a onetime Desktop overrides handheld for this conduit only.

    - PS if you like to work with categories of contacts, the controls for determining category translation are also in the PocketMirror Outlook Contacts settings dialog mentioned above.
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    Dave thanks for the help.

    I figured out what the issue was somewhat. During the whole process I had to reinstall software from the Handspring CD, when it did that somehow the PocketMirror part got royally screwed up. If I try to install the conduit now, nothing happens. Meaning, I click the setup file, the hourglass runs for the 3 seconds and then nothing. Very odd. If I try reinstalling the handspring CD, it gets stuck at the "installing Outlook conduits" part at the end. I even tried downloading a bootleg version of PocketMirror and the same thing happens when I try to run the setup file.

    I am stumped at this point.
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    I suggest using Windows Add/Remove programs to rid yourself of the conduits.

    It will be listed as PocketMirror version 3.1.x.

    This might sort out your problem.

    The other suggestion is that you make sure very little is running on your PC in the background. A complete shut down and restart without a network connection is a good idea before you try to re-install.
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    I got it. I shut off Sprint Business Connection and then re-installed and everything worked fine, something with the two didn't mesh. Thanks for your help!

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