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    I have not owned a Palm OS in quite some time and had been using a Compaq Ipaq PocketPC. Now I have the Treo300 and have so many problems syncing between 2 computers (work and home). Mostly I get double appointments showing in Outlook.

    I know that the Palm DateBook does not sync 100% with all the fields in Outlook (Which I am surprised because I remember this not happening all the way back when I had a PalmPilot and a III, you think that this would be updated since a majority of people use Outlook). I am only using frequently-used fields so that should not be a problem.

    Does anyone have a solution? Could I be doing something differently or is there a different software syncing program (Intellisync) that would be better? Thanks for your help
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    Take a look at Chapura "keycontacts" software. I haven't used it, and it's new, but it might fit what you need.
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    Wow, that is too freaky! I was just looking at Chapura's home page. I was wondering if it can replace the Contacts and that it fully integrates with Treo's phone dialing.
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    It does not support dialing. I wouldnt be surprised if it gets a quick makeover to do so though.

    Double contacts are a hazard of life with Chapura pocketmirror. Make sure Outlook is open before you start synching. This seems to help very often if you see this duplication problem. Synching with two handhelds on the same name is a no-no. Likewise if you synch with two pcs rather than one, make one the slave so it only receives a copy from the handheld rather than synching fully both ways.

    1ofus is a piece of software which will sort out duplicates or you can simply download the latest Palm Desktop from palm which has a de-duplicator but only if your data resides in Palm Desktop not Outlook.
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    That is what I decided to do. Sync fully at work and then have the handheld overwrite the PC at home. Thanks.

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