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    I hope HandSpring will offer an upgrade option for 180 owners to trade in their 180s for 270s. I am desperate for color, I should have waited for a few months before I buy the 180.
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    I wouldn't hold my breath.

    I don't think one is coming.

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    Yeah, Felipe's right. I'm happy with my 180. I often use it outside where I hear it's hard to see the 270. I've never had a color PDA, and frankly, I don't think my life has been the lesser because of it. :-)
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    If the 180 had a backlit keyboard I would have kept mine. Alas, I really need that feature so I sold it and got a 270. The color is nice, but the real advantage is that backlit keyboard. Big mistake not including it on the 180.
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    I agree whole-heartedly. I wish I could type in the dark. Oh well!

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