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    Why in the world can't I upload my apps to my treo. They enter fine into the software and the Palm software tells me that the next sync will upload the program to my phone but when I perform the sync it doesn't upload them. Arrggghh! This is very frustrating. Any fixes???
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    I guess you are trying to get all your apps from your old PDA onto your Treo?

    When I did my first Hotsync with the Treo most of my backed up apps were loaded onto the Treo automatically. The apps that were backed up by Palm's Hotsync software when loaded on my old Visor.

    The apps that did not load onto the Treo via the first Hotsync I was able to beam from my old Visor to my Treo with no problem.

    Only problem I've had is trying to move a book from a Springboard module .

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