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    Anyone know how to get your passwrd for bus cnct? Tried old account pw and last 4 digits of ssn to no avail....
    thx, nobull
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    For me, *2 wasn't involved at all. I was prompted to establish the password when I set up the account on the website the first time. One think I notice is that sometimes the websites act a little bit differently, as if they are experimenting with updates or something, but I definitely established the password myself. It wasn't provided to me.

    I just wish I could remember what it is. It's cached on the Treo and my PCs so I must have known it at one time. If you are like me and have about 50 systems that all need passwords, I have several that serve as my bread and butter passwords.
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    the BC username and password are not the same as your treo account.....

    you can enter them as you logon to bc for the first time....
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    doug, i've logged in w a uname and pw many times using the first attempt a number of times...can u give more details?
    thx nobull

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