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    Hi all,

    Hopefully someone here might have the answer to this question. It's a rather techy-centric one, and I tried finding it on the Handspring website, but Handpsring seems to want to shove all support questions to Sprint PCS. And since I KNOW Sprint PCS has no clue as to how the Treo was manufactured, they won't have the answer.

    I know that the Treo 300 uses a third party Mobile Station Modem (MSM) for the CDMA wireless access, and that it's manufactured by Airprime, the same compny that did Handspring's "Sprint PCS Digital Link" module for the Visor handhelds. The product is called Helium, and they have a web apge for it at:

    My question is, which Helium module did Handspring use? There's three of them (3000, 3200, 5200). I figure I could just dissect my Treo and find out for myself, but then seeing as I bought it only a day ago, I'm not really prepared to do that just yet. =)

    Thanks... and it's about time the 300 came out! =)
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    From the clear picture on this page of the Treo 300 modem module , it appears that it uses a Airprime 3000 module.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Ah! thanks. =)

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