So, here are some things that I've been wondering about:

With bconnect PE, can I see ALL my exchange folders? Like Public Folders or other Mailbox folders that I have created besides Inbox, Outbox and SentMail?

Does corporate Exchange mail "push" actually notify my Treo whenever I get a new mail (ala blackberry) or does it only push the mail to the bconnect webserver so that I then have to use a browser to see my mail?

The bconnect BCPEfeatures_a5ae3.pdf document talks about some features that are only available on Pocket Internet Explorer or Internet Explorer. Are there features that I will be missing by using Blazer on Treo? ( E.G.: "View Attachments The subscriber is able to view attachments in email messages received using Internet Explorer, Netscape,
or Pocket Internet Explorer. Attach Local Documents, and Document Access say the same thing .")

Is the bconnect Treo client app a PQA app, or do you access it via Blazer? It sounds like it is a website based on all of the above.

Any info would be appreciated!