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    The last 2 mornings my phone has this error in a Fatal Alert window:


    NotifyMgr.c, Line 2269,
    Stack overflow



    Is this due to something Sprint is sending out to our phones, or is this just something wrong with my phone? Any others getting this error?

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    This is not good...
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    battery was probably drained because the 'fatal alert' message will stay on the screen until you choose to reset the device. If it was left on overnight, that would certainly do it.
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    It was fully charged before I went to bed...that should not happen......
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    But didn;t you went to bed thinkign the fatal error will fix itself? If you left the unit with the fatal error message, then it will drain the batteries.

    Originally posted by gdgconsulting
    It was fully charged before I went to bed...that should not happen......
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    The phone was fully charged before message then, but it WAS there when I got up and checked the phone....with a drained battery. That's about as simple as I can make it for you.
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    What do you have installed on the phone?
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    I just remebered that I got a "white screen of death" with a stack overflow or underflow during one of my provisioning bouts with spcs. I don't remember if it was in NotifyMgr.c, I think it was after receiving their SMS message that was supposed to provision data access. I think it may have come after receiving their SMS message for provisioning. Memory is really vague here.
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    I had a similar thing a couple of days ago. Apparently, my Treo 270 received an SMS alerting me of a voicemail. But it caused a fatal alert, which caused the 270 to stay on until I happened to notice. Fortunately, that was only about 2 hrs later. But I sure wish it wouldn't do that!!!
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    I also received a fatal alert this morning. I was synching, and when it got to the Business Connection synch part I got a different Fatal Error than listed above.

    For the record, even though I set up Biz Conn last Friday, this morning was my first real success using it thanks to being connected to the company's LAN (56k VPN is apparently too slow to run Biz Conn). This morning I received Biz Conn messages okay, later synched and got the error, performed a soft reset, then resynched without any errors. No errors since.

    Besides Biz Conn, my other major (not the small ones) add-on apps are:
    -Treo Picture Caller ID
    -Handspring Photo Manager
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    I have found that Hacks and Treo add on programs like the PicturecallerID are the most likely culprits for errors like this. Most of the apps that enhance the Treo were written for GSM phones and may not play well on the cdma version. The trick is to find which are not playing well together or even on their own.

    I suggest turning off all the Hacks that affect phone functions and all the apps particularly ones that affect caller ID. Then tuen them on one by one and make calls into the phone and send SMS ( to see which is the culprit.
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    I have gotten the dreaded fatal alert as well. Got mine while browsing this website of all places. The alert was as follows:

    Fatal Alert
    Datamgr.C, Line 7025,
    DMwritemwritecheck failed

    The only app I have installed has to do with Photos.. the one that can be downloaded from the treo300 page. Other than that battery was over 75% and everything was back to normal after pushing in the reset button on the back of the TREO. Everyone better keep their eyes and ears open to these errors. Post um and lets keep a good record.
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    How many people are getting these alerts and when (under what conditions)?
    NotifyMgr.c, Line: 2269,
    Stack overflow

    I get one or two a day -- always simultaneous to SMS alerts.

    Sometimes, the Treo is just sitting in the charger with nothing active (but connected to PCS BC). Other times, I'm using an application or game when the SMS alert comes in and the error happens.

    I have more than half my memory left. I don't have Hacks installed. Here are my non-OEM apps:

    AvantGo, BigClock, Birthdate+, DateBook+, Datebk4, Eudora, EudoraWeb, Expedia, finCalc, Fireviewer, MobileDBLt, PocketChess, SmartDoc, SoftTrack, SplashID, ToDo Plus and Yatzee.

    What gives?
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    i had the most extreme of fatal alerts. driving home (and i do believe i received an SMS msg email alert). I did a soft reset then the screen starting blinking on and off.. over and over indefinately. trying additional soft resets produced the same issue. Thought to myself.. looks like a hard reset. After the hard reset... same thing.. screen blinking etc..

    i had to let the batery drain all the way before it would finaly come back to life. for a while there i thought it was a hardware issue.. but now i'm guessing the problem was so bad that it wouldnt even perform a hard reset.

    Is that possible? could a software problem cause the treo300 so much trouble that it wont respond to a hard reset??
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    I've screwed up my i300 bad enough that I had to take the battery out (screen would just blink). Happened at least a couple of times when I dropped it. Maybe did it with some software hacks as well.

    I'm a win98 user, so unplugging the computer as a last resort is something I'm familiar with.

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