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    Ebay is about the only site at this point I can't log into.

    I want to log into "MY Ebay" the personal part where you must sign in.

    Anyone able to do this?

    I want to check the selling auctions I have...and can't seem to do this yet.
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    Try this site here: (not a typo)

    You may also find something at
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    hum the catalyst site will allow log on but then no info

    the PQA works, but only in black and white.....hum the promo's of the Treo show Ebay in full color......

    any other hints ?
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    Using the Xiino browser i was able to access the my ebay and sign in with no problems. I havent had a chance to test it with blazer, but I highly reccomend you spending the couple dollars and downloading Xiino. This browser seems to work much better then blazer. By the way which browser are you using?
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    i am using blazer, have not tried Xiino but I've read some threads, people have mixed reviews on it so far - - there seems to be a lot of latency using Xiino .....
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    Hey gang. I too seem to be having difficulty with PQA's only running in Black and White. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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    I don't have it all figured out yet but if I have it typed in correctly the following URL is a start:
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    pqa's are primarily for the Palm VII and M705, both of which are black and white or greyscale machines. I still like them because they strip out the excess crap and give you the info you need fast.
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    So Broose. I am not doing anything wrong, or downloading the wrong PQA's? I also notice that "MyPalm" (okay, so I am old fashioned) is also in B&W, and on my I300 I could have sworn that it was in color. This is why I think something 'ain't right'.

    Also, can someone enlighten me as to the correct use of shortcuts now? Without graffiti, I am lost!

    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    I have been able to log into ebay with Blazer, although it wants me to log in again once i hit 'my ebay', presumably because cookies are not supported or at least not the same on the Treo. However i think there should be a better way, just like i use AuctionTamer for my regular ebay browsing/auction tracking. Maybe the Pocketflash people will come up with something?

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