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    I'm up-and-running with Sprint's PERSONAL edition of their Business Connection software, but have noticed that my Treo vibrates and alerts, then performs a sync BEFORE the mail is actually delivered to my device.

    Is the sync operation (and the associated alerts) necessary? Is this how it is supposed to work? Thanks!
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    you need to turn off vibrate and ringer there is a sub menu on the Treo for how you receive messages....

    go to your Treo prefs, and there is a sub menu for what happens when you receive voice, or message....

    and also in the BC software there are two tabs ALERTS and DEVICE among the five or so these are the only two left you need to tweak.

    Alerts = "all alerts off"
    Device = uncheck "alert"

    I learned that "alert" means just what's're being "alerted" there is a message.

    There is a whole thread with procedure for "push" posted by me a few days ago.....hope it helps.

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