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    HAs anyone gotten the AOL palm APP (not web clipping) to work with the treo 300? I use it on my samsung I300 and it dials in, I understand that the treo300 is always connected??

    Is there a way for the AOL palm app to see the LIVE connection or have the treo dial in??

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    Yes you can use the other AOL for Palms, the one for V, etc. It does dial need to set it up and have it search for a number, etc. It works and you can see the connection as it happens. I prefer using the PQA, much quicker.
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    If it dials in, does tht mean you are using airtime minutes? data MB? or both?
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    I'm sure it would be using data allotment, not calling minutes. Same goes for using the Treo to call in to your local ISP.

    I had and older plan w/ generous minutes for use w/ my I300. Sprint knew when I was calling into my ISP and/or AOL dial-up and minutes were reflected on my bill as wireless web minutes, not voice minutes. The system knows if you are accessing data and not voice.

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