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    Find it suprising treo 300 has no minute counters in its phone app. Any third party apps out there that do that?

    How about byte meters?
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    Cell Plan Tracker is a really good minute tracker. The only real problem I've had with it so far is that you can't put the '*' character in the "free number list", so it wants to count all the hours (and hours and hours) of *2 time as normal peak/off-peak minutes. Also won't let you manually change the usage (like if you forget to or can't enter your free numbers, peak hours, etc). The developer says he's got fixes for both problems already, he just hasn't released it yet. Other than that I've been very pleased with it.

    Haven't seen a byte-tracker yet, but I agree, that would be VERY nice. I was able to get one of the *2 folks to look my data usage up for me the other day since it's not available on the web site yet; 867KB used after about 4-5 days. Not looking like 2MB is enough for me
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    great app, thanks.
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    Another option is *4. It counts against your minutes, but if you use it on nights/weekends it's essentially free.

    When I last tried it, the data tracking wasn't working yet.

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