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    checked out 9290 and treo side by side...9290 has an awesome display/ very sleek, doesnt look clumsy at all but
    1)GSM phone- non-GPRS: very slow speed vs 3G in Sprint
    2)Voicestream plans only- which suck vs Sprint
    3) Terrible to touch type though the key board is good but small vs good thumb board of treo
    4) No touch screen vs touch screen of treo 300
    5) less user friendly interface than Palm
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    I've played with the 9290 as well. Unlike other phones discussed here, the communicator really doesn't lend itself to "pda" use (remember the psion?) . One handed operation is difficult at best. The phone is definetly large, brick like in size and appearance. Interestingly, I didn't find the nokias keyboard any easier to use then the treo's; at the very least I seemed to clock the same 20ish wpm on both on my first attempt.

    Certainly its a lot smaller that a vaio picturebook or other small laptops computers

    The communicator mayt be just right for you. But I don't see it as a a viable "pda"/phone replacement...its a device seeking its own niche.
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