I light of the recent posts and numerous discussions with Sprint Customer Service reps indicating that data is unlimited for the first 3 months, are you still standing by your statement below regarding unlimited data ?

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O.K. guys calm down.

The above guy was acurate about what he discussed. If some of us seem cryptic, it's because their are questions you guys ask that are in that "gray" area we can't comment about.

Here are the Facts:

1. No unlimited for first 3 months. PERIOD!

2. When it comes to signal speed, most people will get the 50-70 kps. Their are so many factors that go into wireless data connections it's insane. Are you roaming?(signal fluctuation) Do you have signal strength? (Data streaming) How powerful is you device? (processing) Is the network full? (we have had alot of activations the past 4 days. this taxes the network)

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