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    Anyone using Yahoo IM, if so where is the Palm/Treo version??
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    Yahoo discontinued its Messenger version for Palm OS about 6 weeks ago. I could not find a reason why, although a link to the old Palm version was still up until 3 weeks ago, even though it would no longer connect to Yahoo servers.
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    the yahoo messenger palm app (prc).... yes it works with the treo300 and it works in the US, and it is really cool........ using the US thing sucked.

    hope this helps some people out.

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    That is an awesome find, as a lot of people have given up hope. There was a client download from the .com site, but it is no longer there. As well, the old version would not even let you connect.

    I tried this and it does work.

    Thanks very much briguy33!!
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    I don't what you folks are doing differently, but the messenger.prc client doesn't work on my Treo 300. I can launch the app but not sign-in. I also get a soft-reset trying to access "news". Maybe it has something to do with what desktop client your using? Could that affect your settings on the Yahoo! servers? I'm using the latest desktop pc version of Yahoo! IM.

    Guess I'll have to wait until they officially launch a new version...
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    It won't have anything to do with your desktop settings. The .prc file is independent of that.
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    It won't have anything to do with your desktop settings. The .prc file is independent of that.
    I understand that Appleman, I'm just wondering if the server side settings at Yahoo are changed in some way based on your desktop/client version of IM (e.g., new features like IMvironments change a setting on the yahoo server that affects my connectivity using the .prc client). This could conceptually affect access through the Palm .prc client.

    Appleman, are you using a recent version of Yahoo IM on your desktop? That info would help me eliminate this as a cause.

    Most likely though, the reason I can't connect is because of some conflict on my Treo with another third-party app or a specific setting I've adjusted.
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    Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant. I am using the version previous to the current.

    Just guessing of course, but I assumed only your friends lists got saved on the server. I thought IMvironments and other settings like that were client only. Hence why you d/l the new environments.

    When you say you can't sign in, is there actually an error message, or does it just hang as it is trying to connect?
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    When you say you can't sign in, is there actually an error message, or does it just hang as it is trying to connect?
    It just hangs with the message "signing in" on the bottom of the screen. It also crashed when I tried to access "News". No other problems (that I know of) on my 300 except for this program.
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    Well, I finally got it to successfully sign in by just trying over and over again to connect. However, it still crashes when I try to access the "news" link. I'll post a follow-up if I get that to work.
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    Mine stays stuck at that too in a low signal area, but I do get my friends list. I then moved into a stronger signal area and I get my friends list, and it even displays who is online. But when I type up a message and hit send, it says there was a server error, and then says I lost connection to the server.

    So I guess mine wasn't working as I thought it was
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    K, now I was able to send one message succussfully, then I tried to send another and it flaked out.
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    I think signal strength definitely has something to do with a successful connection. I have been able to successfully connect and IM, but I'm still not able to access mail or any of the other links. Still worth keeping for when you're in a crunch and need to IM someone on Yahoo. Better than the WAP version.
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    Briguy33 get the "hack of the Month award"

    This is sweet. Blazetailman is my yahoo id.

    This is tremedously better than the us version.
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    man... you just throw around my yahoo id like that..........
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    hey, people are going to call you a legend man. remember your peps.
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    I've tried this UK version, and my Treo either won't connect after many times sitting at the 'signing in' screen, or the app eventually just dies on me. I have full strength, so - who knows? I really think Yahoo is not wanting us to connect via Palm OS.
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    hmph - now I'm connected. Beats me.
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    briguy and I had a good 30+ min session with both of on it. works just like the pc based version.

    I did have problems logging in one time but it was short lived.
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    not sure if this really has anything to do with it but, I seem to get connected faster on my treo when i am already logged into yahoo on my desktop or through
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