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    I have everything set up, but how do I check my sprintpcs mail. Can I access it from the treo? Also from the PC? Thanks, I know it is probably a dumb question, but I havent been able to find out how. Thanks.
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    Someone has to know! I know it is real simple, but please help out a newbie!!
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    I use Eudora to check my sprint email. Just set the server to and the outgoing server to Follow the setup prompts in the program. It works really well for me.
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    Broose, you are lucky

    I have been trying to get this working all week (using Eudora)
    I have been told by the sprintpcs people that there is a known problem with the Treo 300 and sprintpcs e-mail. I guess if it works for you then this must not be true.

    I get authentication errors when I try to send or receive e-mail. I can go to the sprintpcs web site and send and receive e-mail so I know that my account and password are correct. I have verified with the sprintpcs people that my eudora is set up correctly. I also have no problem with the wireless web.

    Oh well, I will try calling them again on monday.
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    using your suggestion, Eurdora can still attempt to get mail on the sprint servers, but I still do not know (have not been issued?) as password for the vision side of the account.

    Anyone: how did you get your password from Sprint? I login to 'My account' on but the ability to 'change the vision password' as sprint says, it not there...
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    log into the sprintpcs web site using your phone number and last 4 digits of you SSN. Then you can set/change your password. (I can't look now as this portion of their web site is down). I seem to remember it wasn't really obvious that whatever password you enter becomes your password.
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    I may not have been "fully" provisioned. I am still using my pre-Vision sprintpcs email account. While my user name appears in the Network preferences of my Treo, it does not appear anywhere when I log into the manage my account website. (Ironically, one of my 2G non-vision phones has a user's that for weird and useless!!). Anyway, I have had no trouble logging into my Sprint email. You may need to log into your account managing page and set your password just for your email in the settings and preferences section. Try that and then give Eudora another whirl.

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