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    My friend just got MidCast working on his Treo 300 with sprint today!!!
    I's sooooooooo Coooooooooooooooool

    You get it from

    Hank "the money man"
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    I'm very curious... how did you get it to work on Treo? According to the website, it requires J2ME (Java Micro Edition). Did you have to install the J2ME engine onto the Treo? Or is J2ME included on Treo 300 from Sprint? Thanks.
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    That looks very interesting. Does it work well? Wouldn't it cost a bunch of data charges?
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    I donít know about the j2me thing and Hillcast did not have the Treo on there wed site???

    But Hillcast sent two files demo to my friend and it worked. So I guess one of the files is j2me engine thing?

    Let me know if it works for you.
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    I did download it onto my Treo 300. It works, but I can't figure out how to change the stocks in my stock list after I have installed a few. Wrote to the company and they told me I could input a few with spaces between them, which does work. But I can't figure out how to change them now.

    Charts and detailed quotes are ok because they let you enter each time. I am not sure if I am seeing everything (because I think it is only made for Samsung phone) in terms of menus or if this is just a quirk. The company says no manual available. Still, this is the first thing with live streaming quotes.

    I will be afraid to see the bill but data is free for the first few months so will have to keep an eye on things.
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    Do you pay a cost for access to the streaming data? Or is it just a software cost??
    Boston, MA
    Treo 650 and 700
    Former Treo 300 and 600 Owner
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    which one of the devices did you select to download for......

    Samsung i300
    motorola iden
    rim 5810

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    Financial data is free!!!
    We all need to enjoy it entail they start charging for it.
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    Financial data is free!!!
    We all need to enjoy it entail they start charging for it.
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    I can not believe that after filling out all of my contact info, I do not go to a download link. I can here my phone ringing now "Can we interest you sir in some brokerage services"???

    If they are going to make us go through the work of filling out all the contact info, the least they could do is allow me a download. Then when their sales guy calls I can watch the charts and not listen to him...
    Boston, MA
    Treo 650 and 700
    Former Treo 300 and 600 Owner
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    I downloaded Midcast for my Treo... i just downloaded the i300 version and they sent it to me and it works great... very cool stuff. I cant wait to use it during market hours though... AWESOME!! I have also gotten a user manual from them. I think you just have to ask.

    How is everyone liking their treo 300?.. i think it is a big improvement... I had the earlier version but returned it...
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    i put in an application to midcast and i'm eager to try long did it take for folks to get a response ?
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    hum does anyone wanna share ?
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    I downloaded for the Samsung i300 and it works fine.

    It came from the Handango website, I purchased it so had no trouble with the download. I thought there was a 30 day trial edition too?
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    This application is HOT. I have been a beta tester for a couple of months now, thanks to a connection at UT, and it works like a champ.

    The app comes with a Java machine bundled. One dowload, one install. Smart. PCS Vision rocks and makes it fly.

    It is real-time streaming of all stocks with NO DATA charges. I have added up to 100, but it is not practical.

    These guys are working on some hot stuff for wall street and are giving this app away for almost free.

    Very cool. You all remember hotmail. This will be bigger.

    Check it out.
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    I just heard from one of their sales guys.... supposedly there is some sort of broken link on the re-direct back to the Handango site to download but they think their web guy shoould get that fixed sometime today.....
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    Where is the user's manual?? I can't figure out how to input more symbols. I wrote and asked Tech. Support where I could get a manual but no response.

    By the way I paid for my copy, not using the free download and still no manual. I am excited to use it so would appreciate any link to the directions!!
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    What i do when I input symbols is just put a space in between so I am able to input all 10-12 stocks at once. So when it prompts you to add stock, i just did this:

    Be sure not to put in commas! Hope this helps.
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    where do i find the http proxy to enter into the Hillcast Trial software.....which http proxy is this ?

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    midcast java applet is asking me for my proxy settings......

    what are the proxy settings?
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