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    I just got back from england and haven't had a chnace to use midcast in a while. I tried looking up Berkshire Hathaway's stock today using BRK.A and BRK.B, but got ntohing. What gives?
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    The idea that MidCast pretty much controls the data connection makes it poorly suited for the Treo 300, IMO.

    - m
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    I just talked to a guy at a sprint cell phone store that said you can get or its coming real time News on MidCast for the Treo???

    I emailed HillCast and got no replay... Dose anyone know, if this is true?



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    News on the Treo is coming. One of our engineers is working on that now. News content will be coming via the Associated Press.
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    Perhaps I should pay more attention to the entire thread. data is Island. I guess that's OK for now. I'd also like to get the FTSE and London. That would be nice!
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    If you are having problems with this software (like i was), you have to tone it down in the Java app. that came with it.

    Go to preferences in the java app., i have colors set to 256k,
    drawing speed is smooth,
    memory try 50-61.

    Doing this got rid of the major problems i was having with it in the beginning, now it runs great, not perfect but close.

    Take care
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    Thank Happy Bobby for pitning that out.... Yes, by changing the Colors field in the Java HQ from Thousands to Colors, many memory errors will be eliminated. As I have mentioned, there is still talk about writing a version in native Palm.
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    Yes, a native Palm version would help out ALOT. The Java VM takes up alot of room on the handheld

    In any event, I'll look forward to seeing that.
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    Yes.... the native palm version is something that is coming. I was actually asked about that today by another user. Perhaps later this summer once we have released our trading/alerts app.
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    Any word if the new quote provider is in??? Also, what's the symbol i can use for the S&P 500 and DJIA?
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    Date for launching new feed is august 15! current Hillcast subs will have early access to it!
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    Midcast is great!

    Is there any way to view the common indices such as the Dow, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Comp?

    Aaron J. Wood
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    for the dow, use DIA, Nasdaq, use QQQ and S&P use, SPY

    On the version with the new feed, you will be able to get all indices. Island quotes gives us these market indicators above.
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    Will this work on Treo 600?
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    We hope so............... Since the Treo 600 will not be supporting Sun's VM, we will be writing a version in native Palm in order to support the 600. The good news is that the app will be much mre robust and will take up less memeory. The bad news is that i don't have a timeline for roll-out of a native palm version!!
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    Wait a second..... I am upgrading to the Treo 600. but what you are saying is that Midcast won't be supported, at least not for a while, on the 600? What are people suppose to do who bought it for their 300 and want it on their 600?? This is pretty important IMHO. HCTech, please update.
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    we are writing a version in native Palm for that device.

    BTW, NYSE/NASDAQ quotes will be ready on Sept. 30.
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    Hct tech
    Can you pre-register for it?


    The Wood Man
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    Yes. Go to our homepage, and you can submit a form for Midcast Pro.
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    ls it finally stable on the 300?
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