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    It sounds like you are on a soapbox.

    What are you talking about?

    Since I got MidCast on my treo and have caught four market upswings that I would have missed. I have been making money with MSFT, IBM, GE, and ORCL.

    Get over it and grow up.
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    did anyone figure out what the cost of data transfer was from sprint (i know they are not charging for the first 3 months, but they will).

    I was thinking that perhaps someone is using this application with one of the programs that monitors useage.
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    That is a good question and we are doing some testing to figure that out. i will post when we have our results so all you good folks out there know how much data you are using.....
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    Hey mblank,

    NASDAQ is a dog??? Are you crazy!!!

    You must work in the financial industry and think WorldCom is a buy.
    Haven’t you realized that the NASDAQ has dropped 3600 points and you can make money going south?

    Dude, let me help you with this “NASDAQ Dog thing”.

    This app is great, it streams, the data is good and the NASDAQ rocks!

    Just add some stocks to the stock list. One of the stocks go's UP two days in a row and then SHORT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF IT ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!!

    If you’re getting a “NA” on midcast then the stock SUCKS and you don’t need to know the price anyway.

    I love you all and have a good night

    Haywood "The Money Man" Has left the building
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    Too bad this board doesn't have an ignore feature... Your ignorance is appalling.
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    For those who are curious about data usage of MidCast................

    I conducted a random test today to get an idea of how much data one uses on the Sprint network. Unfortunately, I did not have access to one of our Treo 300s so I used the I300 instead which is on Sprint's 2G network. But in any event, here are the results.

    I ran MidCast on the I300 for 5 minutes. I requested a stock list consisting of five heavily traded stocks. MSFT, ORCL, INTC, SUNW, CSCO. I viewed the stock list, stock detail, real time chart and day chart.
    I ended up using 13.8k of data to view this information. Again, this was five minutes of usage using five heavily traded stocks......
    Feel free to contact me with questions.
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    A very public thanks for posting this...
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    Thanks for this. It has been planty for me so far.

    I have a 2000 min voice plan with 20MB of data for $119 / mo. Very Cool.

    I might change to 50MB of data, since I am surfing more and more on my Treo. That will only add another $20 / month.

    CDMA is fast.
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    Originally posted by Haywood
    Just add some stocks to the stock list. One of the stocks go's UP two days in a row and then SHORT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF IT ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!!
    A short sale involves something you don't have, but that you'll have to purchase to cover later. So why would you short something all the way to the bank if it was going up? Unless you're going to the bank to get the money to pay your broker to cover the short... When you sell something short you're looking for it to crash so that when you buy to cover you can get it for less.

    I liked Midcast alot, but I stopped using it because it was draining my battery - it kept an active connection going. Ever since I quit using it my battery life has been great.

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    Hi Dunc,

    I notice that you said you were having batter problems. Here is some information that may be of help.

    MidCast uses continuous processing to maintain streaming so it may accelerate battery life.

    Network disconnect-
    We are currently working to certify Midcast for the Treo 300. One issue in particular that has been brought to our attention is network disconnection. Presently, the trial version of MidCast for the Samsung I300 that many of you are using does not support the same network disconnect protocols as the Treo 300. So when exiting MidCast, you will also need to close your network connection. In order to do this, go to Prefs, select Network and then select Disconnect. The green arrows in the upper right corner serve as an indication as to whether you are connected to the Sprint network or not. ***NOTE*** Leaving the connection open will accelerate battery life.

    We are currently not offering support for Treo 300 users but feel free to contact me via email and I will be happy to address any more support issues. I appreciate the users on this board posting feedback on our application.
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    I was just curious to know when HillCast was going to add another data feed???? I think i heard a S&P Comstock or Bloomberg feed was coming... is that true???
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    Bloomberg on this app would be a gift from the god's
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    I just wanted to update all you great Treo 300 users that we are planning on launching MidCast on this device next week. I apologize for the delay. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    Cool information on the Treo 300. I'm a day-trader who needs information on the go all of the time. I get killed when I go to lunch and have no quotes. I have to call my broker and get a subject quote...That takes too long and I can't always get my broker on the phone right away.

    How functional is this MidCast software ? I went to the website and checked out their software...However, I'm a meat and potatoes man. I need the software right in front of me on a plate.

    Anyone out there that can tell me how well it works ? Is the information fast ? I haven't downloaded the software yet. Is it easy to install ? I may be a day-trader, but I'm all thumbs when it comes to installing software.
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    Just wanted to let you all know that Midcast is oficially certified on this device now. All technical issues have been resolved.
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    Originally posted by HCTech
    Just wanted to let you all know that Midcast is oficially certified on this device now. All technical issues have been resolved.
    I just checked out the Hillcast website and didn't see a Treo 300 version of the software. Are we still using the I300 version? What about all of the differences in the way the I300 and Treo handle network connectivity?
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    I found a link on PalmGear for the latest version:
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    The version for the Treo 300 is now on the website and available to download and try or download and buy.

    This is a model specifically for the Treo 300 and different than the I-300.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions!
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    Looks like a great deal now that Sprint is giving us unlimited data. I'll purchase it tonight and try it out tomorrow.

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