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    Just got a Treo 300 Yesterday.

    Not a bad little device.

    Everyone at my Ibank is going crazy about this app and the Treo. MCast is running great on my Treo. No Prob's yet...

    It would be great to have a user manual? Do you get one if you buy it the app?

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    The only time where I've had Midcast kinda hang on me is when I am out of service range. I have a Voicesream SIM card so there are times whne my coverage is really crappy.

    Stockexchanger, i'm glad that resolved the problem. It's good to see a thread helping people out!
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    I work with a financial institution and am trying to make a decision on the best application offering real time stock quotes. Any suggestions?

    I'm running from meeting to meeting, etc. most of the day so need something that's going to allow me to connect to updated market info. at any time.
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    Hi everyone!

    I work with HillCast and this discussion forum was brought to our attention by the people at Handspring. I was beginning to wonder just exactly where the heck those requests for the Treo 300 were coming from. It's nice to see that users of HillCast that have the new Treo have found a place to help each other out. I appreciate everyone's input and assistance. If anyone ever needs any type of tech support or help, questions, comments, feedback, just email and I'll probably be the one to address the issue.

    Keep posting!
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    Be sure to ask HCTech only the hardest questions! Ha ha! Seriously, he is quite knowledgeable about MidCast and provides great assistance for customers.

    So when are you all oficially launching your app on the Treo 300????
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    Courtney - I have been using MidCast quite frequently on my Treo... and thus far this is the best financial application I can find... of course if you find a better one please let me know, but I dont think it is going to happen.

    HCTEch do you know how many stocks i can put in the stock list?... will it cause the network to slow down?... also, that day chart feature is super nice. What are your plans on news?... that is one feature i would really like to see added.

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    hey wrangler.......

    I have been putting about 10-12 stocks in on my stock list. I've noticed that any more and the performance starts to suffer a bit. I would love to get news and alerts on this! I wonder what gives????
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    Dear Wrangler,

    Yes, typically we recommend about 10 stocks be added to the stock list. Our plans for news will be announced soon, but yes, Midcast will have news included within the application so you can also get real-time news and also alerts!
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    I’ve gotten 19 stocks in my list and it works ok
    It get a little buggy at 20 stocks in the list?

    The big list:


    Let's go Tech!!!
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    That is awesome!... is there any way i can be made aware as to when these new features will be available?... can i sign up for an email list or anything? Thanks for the quick response!
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    We have started a group on yahoo. just go to and search for Hillcast and it should pull it up. It is for users of the MidCast application.
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    So is everyone sure that the data usage for 3 months is free...I know we don't have to pay for using up to 2mb or 8 mb depending on the plan but does that mean that we can go crazy and use as much as we want? I'm just trying to make sure before I go I use too much....I don't want to see my bill and look like this
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    On page 2, here, you said that you “have 10 downloads to do for some new client”. I’m trying to get midcast for my office. Did you go to Handango or did you contact hillcast?

    Keep it Real,

    Haywood "The Money Man"
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    I run the app from market openning and until closing everyday.
    It rocks. I taked to customer service at Sprint PCS and they confirmed that my cost was ZERO.

    I am taking advantage of this baby to day-trade. I have already made several thousand dollars since last week.

    This app is awesome. I would love to be able to trade on it.

    Surf's UP!!!!! Gotta go.
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    The HillCast guys are clever. They have a special dealer pricing for volume packs of 20 , 50 and 100 units with good discounts.

    I have sold and installed about 45 units already. I am working on a deal for some financial planners that don't know about software but will pay me top dollar to install the app. Good money.

    If you go to Handango you get it one at a time. Call HillCast if you want to get 20 units at a discount.
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    In my experience, there are a number of stocks that won't come up in MidCast, even on the NYSE. For example, TRO and RC. It appears that the data comes from Island and doesn't represent all trades or stocks. Am I missing something here?
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    Yeah i noticed it was just Island data also. I think that is why it is free. Island is a pretty strong reflection of NASDAQ and good enough for me... and regardless it streams... and sure beats that yahoo WAP crap...

    Has anyone contacted them to see if they are going to have other data offerings or new product offerings?... let me know.
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    Most of my friends day-trade with Island. I understand that they are huge. They tell me that Island trades stocks with liquidity not dogs.

    And it is FREE.
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    Pretty much everything on the Nasdaq is a dog, IMO.
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    Island is pretty darn good for an ECN. I'll be curious to see how the whole Island/Instinet vs. SuperMontage things plays out.anyone know if Hillcast has "officially" launched their app on the Treo 300????
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