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    Austin, I had no trouble putting in my stocks initially but I can't seem to change them.

    I am supposed to look for the "Menu Launch" at the bottom left but there is no Menu button on the bottom left. This may be something left out on the Treo, since this is really made for the Samsung. Maybe the Samsung screen is a little bigger (I know it is) and the bottom of the page is cut off.

    How are you changing the stocks names once you have put them in initially on your Treo?
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    What i usually do is delete a stock and then add one. I choose the delete option from the drop down menu. once it is deleted, i then go back to the stock list and add whatever i want to add.....

    I think once they oficially launch their app on the Treo (you can't even buy it off their site yet for the Treo), they'll have a user manual in place.

    As for the http proxy, it may be how you set up your java HQ. Did you make sure you were network enabled?? I upgraded from the samsung I300 to the 270 so this is how I set up my Java HQ prefernces on the I300.

    Colors: your choice
    Drawing Speed: fast
    App memory ; 64k
    Networking Enabled
    HTTP proxy: (Do not touch)

    hope this helps you two out!
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    well i entered the default proxy settings for me treo, i wrote them down when i changed them to use web clippings......

    this worked this a.m. earlier, but now have no streaming for a seems very "busy" and I don't get an update screen.
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    I downloaded the MIDP client from Suns website which is the J2ME for Palm devices. It actually has a stock ticker application as a demo included in the download. It is way less functional than MidCast but is not bad all the same.

    Get it here:
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    I got this from their website....
    this may help some. otherwise, i'd also reboot just in case.

    26. How do I set up my network connection on a PALM? [ back to the top ]
    Setting up your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    1) Go to Prefs
    2) Select drop down option Network\
    3) Enter your ISP User information.
    a. Service
    b. Password
    c. Username
    d. Connection
    e. Phone Number
    4) Select Details
    5) Set Idle timeout to Immediate

    (To test ISP connection choose Connect)
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    Austin, hi again.

    I tried what you suggested to change the stocks but none of the drop down menus I see have the delete option to delete and put another one in.

    Actions (about Java, exit)
    Go (Beam app, OK)
    Options (Java preferences help, disconnect).

    Nothing that has to do with the stocks. I may not be seeing something because it is on a Treo, but I can't seem to get to a place where I can change.

    Has someone actually done this on a Treo?

    When I click on Menu (when my stocks are showing) I just go back to the first Midcast stock menu. And then in the lower left I only get ok and exit.
    Can't wait to use this program fully!
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    Austin is a small enough town that i can try to get in touch with someone there and find out........ Hopefully I'll hear something soon.
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    Ok.... This may help. because the I300 does not have the thumboard, therein probably lies the confusion. Your best bet (and hopefully you have not tried this..) is to push the menu button that is to the right of the 0 and 9 key. It's that funny shaped button that has the small blue house on it. Anyhow, when you are in the stocklist and press that button, it should enable you to delete a stock. let me know how it goes. i'm curious as hell myself!
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    I just got an email from hillcast and my demo app.

    They said you can now fill out that long *** form and then go straight to the download link for the I300 and get midcast.

    HayWood J.
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    Thanks for this info. Save tons of time as I have 10 dowloads to do for some new client that I have downtown.
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    well i'm curious to know how much data I'm downloading, I had midcast on most of the day it works so beautifully on treo. I have never really avidly watched my stocks, but this is FUN. Amazingly clear, crisp display of the info...user friendly....takes about 30 seconds to fully logon, but's awesome.

    It was also a nice green arrow day for tech stocks what a pleasure to watch.

    Anyone have any clue how much data this is using in a "constant" update fashion ?
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    I don’t know how much data is being sent…

    All I do know is at work Bloomberg is getting $1900 out of my *** a month and these guy’s are giving it to me for FREE!!!

    So let’s don’t ask too many question…

    Let’s just all enjoy the FREE ride brother man

    HayWood “The Money Man”
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    Originally posted by techno:
    It is real-time streaming of all stocks with NO DATA charges.
    Huh? How do they stop Sprint from charging you for downloading the data? Presumably you mean HillCast doesn't charge you extra to subscribe to the data?

    Originally posted by meta_dave:
    I downloaded the MIDP client from Suns website which is the J2ME for Palm devices.
    Pity that apparently none of the Palm web browsers can hook into MIDP to support Java applets on websites.
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    any luck with getting your symbols modified???

    Good question Dan harkless.... I'm curious to know the answer too......
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    You are right. I meant no data cost from HillCast. Data alone can cost anywhere from $20 per month up to thousands per month. So, I am delighted that I don't have to pay for data content.

    Yes you have to pay Sprint for data access. I have the $99 deal.
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    That is way cool that they don't charge for data content!!!

    I cannot wait until i can start trading on that bad boy! I'll never forget the time I lost over $1000 on the market because I was away from my E Trade account and couldn't sell.........
    Hopefully those days will be gone! Yee haw!!!
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    would someone mind e-mailing me the Midcast install file(s)....I've downloaded it a few times from their site and it won't install, getting error messages each time.

    pl. forward it to if it's not too much trouble.

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    hey man......

    I'd email and let them know you're having problems. they are pretty nice guys and responsive ( a friend of a friend of mine works there) and should help you out right away........
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    i've had my first two "soft resets" I needed to know because midcast just "hung" forever

    anyone else have this happen ?
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    Austin, YES, I was able to modify my stocks. Just as you said, pressing the horizontal button next to the 0 brought up the menu. Now it really is great.

    I am thrilled. Reminds me of the days when I had a quotrek years ago with the antenna that was 6 ft. long and never got reception. This is far better.

    I do keep getting fatal errors when I look at intraday charts but I am not blaming Hillcast, I have so many hacks on this thing it could just be a software conflict. The fatal error just means a re-boot, not a crash.

    Thanks so much for the help.
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