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    I'd like to publicly apologize to Sprint and its CSR reps. I was upset because they had told me on numerous occaisions that I have unlimited data access for three months, yet I suspected that I didn't.

    Well, I do. They told me three times I do. Now they have put it in writing.

    Upon review of your account, I noticed that your current service plan is $89.99 plan for 2000 Anytime minutes and 2MB data. Under a promotional offer, Sprint PCS Vision service is free for three billing cycles. You can access unlimited data during this period without being charged overage for the data accessed. However, you will continue to be charged voice minute overage for extra minutes used.

    You will have an opportunity to change your plans at the end of the three months promotional period.

    Thank you for contacting Sprint PCS.

    I was wrong to doubt them, both publicly and privately.
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    Safe to say we're all envious right now. My tech rep last night told me that the reason it will be unlimited is because Spring doesn't have the technical capability right now to track how much data is being used. Since they can't tell how much data each user is using, they can't bill them for overage. Even after hearing that, it would still be nice to have it in writing like you got.
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    great post...thanks!

    That's a real relief to get it in writing when we've all heard so many conflicting reports. Now I won't have to worry about that 1st bill or feel guilty when surfing as I do today.

    In 2 1/2 months, be sure to boost your caches and load up on pages frequently accessed so that when the pipeline has a meter on it, it won't hurt so bad!

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    ... the bottom line is that so much discussion and confusuion has been introduced by the many hundreds of calls to the Sprint CSR's that they will have no choice but to credit anyone's account (who balks) for data overage charges -- should Sprint attempt to bill them. I will simply refuse to pay and, in the end, Sprint will gladly oblige and make the necessary adjustments. Case closed.
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    I think you guys are being too cynical. How about sprint has come up with a very rational business model.

    In the first three months, the network will not be overwhelmed with data usage. In those three months, sprint wants to get the early adopters to use the service as much as possible. After three months, these adopters will be data junkies, and will sign up for big data plans. They will also form a marching army of "word of mouth" salespeople showing the more technophobic customers just how cool high speed access is.

    Three months unlimited data acces makes perfect business sense. By the end of the three months, I'll probably sign up for a 40mb plan, and show off to my office workers that my treo is almost as good as their blackberry's, but you get a phone thrown in as well.
    One caveat: Sprint told me my data is free. They didn't tell me anything about you. YMMV
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    I asked several of the Customer Support reps what they were quoting customers today and they all said the data use is free for the first 3 months when you sign up for the 3 month Vision Trial
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    hi work permit
    you have been using the 300 longest now. there are a bunch of us at Harvard planning to buy it and would value your comments:

    1)what is the final verdict on the speed? is it out or not?
    2)can one read hotmail through it? is that a push system?
    3)how good is battery life?
    4)Do you see siginifcant difference in voice quality with 3G from the older varieties?
    5) Does their own sprint mail work thru push system?
    6)Can one see all websites or only certain specified ones?
    7)Would you recommend this over the Nokia 9290 COmmunicator?
    8)any advice on price plans?
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    If I already transferred my service and signed up for a Vision plan, am I still eligible for this promotion? Or did I miss my chance? Any idea who I can call to check/change this? I was on the 4500/500/8 meg plan, but I switched to the $89.99 4500/500/20 meg plan since I have no way to track my net usage at the moment.

    Thanks for any help/info.

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    Try emailing cust service. They responded to me in less than a day (on the weekday).

    Ask them if you will be charged overage for the first three months of your plan. You may want to hold off until monday/tuesady, after their big upgrade this weekend.

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