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    I am a 270 user but am thinking about switching over to a Treo 300 because service (Cingular) is terrible where I live. But before I take the plunge, I was wondering whether anyone has been successful with checking their AOL email. I'm currently using the AOLMail app provided by AOL and I have to dial in to a local number to check mail. How can this work with an "always on" connection?

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    I use the AOL PQA with Web Clippings and I don't have to dial an access number. It works great. The one bad thing is that it is B&W.
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    Where does one get the AOL PQA?
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    I thought it was a PQA but I was wrong. Either way this is what I use and I don't have to dail up.

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    Can you give a link to where this download came from? I don't want to download and install something I don't know anything about.
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    I get a "System Incompatible - Web Clipper is required to run this application" message. Where do I get a "web clipper?"

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    Sorry about that. Here is the page.

    AOL Palm PDA Page
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    This is the best site for Web Clippings files.

    Web Clippings
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    this link: AOL Palm PDA Page does not give you the same download file as your previous post link:

    The prc file at Aol Palm PDA page is a dial up software for AOL.
    I already use that however for some stupid reason Cingular sees this call as a data call and charges me 0.35 cents a minute and it does not come out of my monthly minutes.
    If I go to AOL on the net via Blazer and log in to my account to retrieve my e-mail, it logs me in and than I just get a blank page which I assume is because it uses java script which Blazer does not support.

    So how are you doing it?
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    I downloaded the file for the Palm VII. That file uses web clippings which is basicly proxy servers. That means no dial up. When you click on the AOL PDA Page link, go to the Palm VII section.
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    i get a "server is busy" try later message?

    Any hints?
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    i get a "server is busy" try later message?

    Did you change your proxy settings after installing the Web Clippings files? The page you download the Web Clippings Files from gives you instructions on how to change your proxy settings and what to change them too.
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    ok i know this is a dumb question

    but you change the proxy settings to the actual digits displayed on the web page?
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    ok i know this is a dumb question

    That is not a dumb question. I looked at the page for 15 minutes before I realized that I needed to look at the settings in the picture.
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    I had no trouble installing AOLVII once I had the files installed from the page listed here.

    You must be sure to do exactly as he says, soft resets, proxy change, etc. and then install the AOL or any other PQAs...otherwise it doesn't work.

    Also it makes all PQAs useable. They may be black and white, but truly they are so much quicker sometimes, even with higher speed service.

    I have crashed (fatal crash needing hard reset) 2 times since I got the Treo 300 a few days ago but I think it's a conflict with the Handspring photo album. Not sure yet.
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    I did wonder though, when changing the proxy server. I understand that changing the number makes it so that we route through

    Does this slow down our speed at all? I am not sure if things are slower sometimes because of bad reception areas or because I have taken a detour off the 3G highway???
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    I have installed the right applets now - - the webclipper - - and the AOL Mail applet.

    Reset the proxy settings to the exact numbers shown on the web page.

    Soft reset, works fine only in Black and White though >: (

    I have surfed using Blazer, flipping back and forth from that to AOL Mail, and it all seems to be fast.

    once logged into AOL Mail, the screen drew in about one second. When I tapped the "mail icon," my mail up in one second.

    I am pretty impressed, even though it's black and white only, it's very fast and very easy to check your AOL mail once this is configured.

    Now I wish there was a way to "push" AOL mail to my Treo

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