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    I previously had a Kyocera Smartphone and I have some questions about applications...

    1. Is there SMS capability on the Treo 300?

    2. Is there anyway to use Web Clipping Apps on the Treo? I read something about some application that enables the Palm apps on the Treo. Does anyone know?

    3. Can I get to AOL Mail through the Treo? I guess I used to use the AOL mail pqa on the Kyocera.

    4. Is Yahoo messenger supported by the Treo? I have not been able to find it if it is.

    I just loaded Xiino and find it much superior to Blazer...although I did like the bookmark system on Blazer. And Treo mail seems to be working fine.

    All in all, I am pleased. Now I have to figure how how much data I am likely to use and whether I can afford it.

    Jim Zurer
    Washington DC
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    1. You have inbound SMS (look for the app called...get this...SMS). You do not need data service to utilize this. For some alternatives that allow outbound, do a little searching thru the forum here (use SMS as a keyword). We've only been posting heavily for eight days so it should be pretty easy.

    2. Yes, you can do webclipping. There are a few threads on this that were posted to just today.

    3. Yes, you can get AOL mail w/out using a PQA. AOL has a palm-native app. Go here and don't select the Palm VII version. Obviously that's the PQA.

    4. There was a Palm-native version of Yahoo Messenger, but reports this week is that the version is no longer working w/ some of Yahoo's server upgrades. A Palm-native version isn't available, however you can use the Blazer or Xiino web browsers' to access the mobile phone version at
    Gregg Ginsberg, P-CLP
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    Pardon my denseness.....

    The AOL software I downloaded is asking for a dialup that what I am supposed to using?

    When I go to using Xiino, I get an error message saying "Zero Sized Reply". It actually worked using Blazer.

    I was hoping to find a easy to use SMS app for the Treo...I guess you are saying that there isn't one.

    I loaded two PQAs today and neither would execute--one from the Baltimore Sun and one from the NY Times. I will keep trying.

    Jim Zurer
    Washington DC
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    I downloaded the Applet also, and it wants a dial up connection.

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    I believe that you have to dial into AOL directly using the application before you can access your mail. I have no idea if the Vision thing from Sprint will work with AOL. AOL supports the app so you may want to contact them for some more info.

    Originally posted by dmw819

    I downloaded the Applet also, and it wants a dial up connection.


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