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    Seriously thinking about grabbing at Treo 300 to replace my old Kyocera 6035. Played with it in the store and absolutely loved the keyboard and a thumb wheel that actually worked as expected.

    My one big reservation is the battery. Love the fact that I can use the Kyo for two days straight without the slightest worry about the battery. Was wondering how people are dealing with the battery life, seems like it needs at least a nightly charge. What about charging it during the day? A I going to need to charge at the office and again at home?
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    I had the kyo 6035 a while back. As you said, I never worried about the battery. Today, I used the treo for some long calls, and was out of range for a while. The battery didn't die out, but I was definetly "worrying" about it by the time I came home. The battery "died" tonight after a little web surfing.

    As I see it, once a day charge is a minimum. I'm probably going to have to get in the habit of a "booster" charge in the middle of the day as well.

    The nonremovable battery doesn't help at all. I used to keep two sets of spare battery's in two cradles (one at home, one in the office). If I got lazy about phone charging, or if its been a busy day, I could throw a new battery in. Not so with the treo. For me, the nonremovable battery sucks even more than the relatively wimpy battery they have in there in the first place.
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    Amen! You preach it brother.

    I have heard from a local Handspring rep that they (handsprint and sprint) are working to get an external battery pack certified and ready for sale.

    Please keep in mind that this was just one rep who may have been trying to make more of his product than he should have. This report has been unconfirmed by anyone else that I can find to talk to.

    Also, I was not given a time frame of launch or a time frame for increase battery life. Just something to dream about right now.

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    My battery gets pretty low after using it all day but lasts longer if I turn off vibrate and dim the screen a bit.
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    I have heard from a local Handspring rep that they (handsprint and sprint) are working to get an external battery pack certified and ready for sale.
    Wow. What a cludge. Where will that thing go? Stuck on the bottom of the treo? (vent follows ) How hard would it have been to make a removable battery?
    Or are you saying there's a treo 301 in the works with a removable battery?
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    I have heard both claims now. Handspring says that they will have an external battery that clips on the back of the phone. I have no idea about size and weight, but it would add some. I have also heard that Sprint is asking Handspring to make the next model of the Treo to have a removable battery. Without this feature, the Treo 300 will be the last model sold through Sprint.

    BUt these are both un-supported claims and just information I have heard from one source. Although different sources each time, and each source is very reliable, it has not been confirmed by anyone else. As I hear more, I'll update.

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    I have heard from a fairly reliable source that the external battery pack will be in the form of a belt holster that is charged separately. In essence your holster will be the external battery. Sounds like a good idea as long as it's not much bigger than a standard holster.
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    Wow! Thats an interesting idea. I am very curious to see how it will work.

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    My last phone was a nokia 8260 and I used it for about 2000 minutes a month. I have a home charger and a car charger. So I am rarely away from electricity. For me it is no big deal to ust plug it in during the day. Maybe it is my lifestyle, but I do not have any trouble with the way the battery is.

    As for back up batteries? I guess I am just too cheap to buy one. Do you guys that use back up batteries take a train to work?? I am just curious what takes you away from electricity for 8 hrs at a time. It is tough to do in this day and
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    The battery seems to go pretty fast with internet surfing......with phone and e-mail, it is lasting a day or more.

    But I was surprised to see how fast it recharges....according to the battery meter, it took less than an hour to reach capacity.

    Any other experience? Is there a way to maximize battery life? I can usually arrange to recharge during the day, but it would be nice not to have to.

    A replaceable battery would have been very nice.....



    PS Other than the fear of short battery life, I am very impressed--especially after I downloaded the Xiino browser. But I would like to be able to use Web Clipping Apps to save batteries and limit data usage (once we start paying for it).
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    I checked my usage on friday. Fifty five minutes of talk sent the battery on its last tick. A few minutes of websurfing and the phone started its "recharge your battery" complaints.

    I am just curious what takes you away from electricity for 8 hrs at a time.
    Running around to meetings and not feeling like walking around with a charger. Same when visiting clients. I use cabs, not my own car.

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