In a very preliminary test on a very tired Friday afternoon, I have just installed Xiino and it seems to work MUCH better than Blazer (no more long pauses contributing to very slow downloads). It seesm that on average (this is very un-scientific) that I am now getting about 4kBYTES per second instead of around 1kBYTE with Blazer (40 vs 10kbps). I have yet to do more testing, but I believe that one of the issues is that Blazer itself is kind of slow. I still think the network has issues, because even when downloading mail over Eudora I notice it is pretty slow -- but Xiino will maybe improve your web experience a bit (hate the user interface but it displays pages better and seems to download faster -- I could be hallucinating, it's been a long week, and with all the cows farting I'm getting kind of light headed).