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    I recently changed out my old Sanyo 4500 to a new Vision plan and Sanyo 4900. I can look at some web sites, although it limits the url string for some reason, as well as the size, and there is a VISION HOME page which seems to be a work in progress right now....

    In any case, I am CONSIDERING switching it to the Treo 300 since it has been less than a week... however, I can use some advice... as I have the following "problems" with the Treo, and would want to wait for a different device possibly..

    Would love your opinions onm these issues...

    -Battery life - Important for me... Sanyo is 4.5 hours talk vs 2.5 hours talk for Treo... Do you find you are stuck with a dead Treo if you are at an all day affair?

    -No changable battery - Do you find that since the battery life is short and there is no way to charge the unit that you end up stuck.. with no phone or pda?

    -16 MB memory and no expansion.. what if I want MP3s and/or pictures.. is there any room?

    -Speakerphone - It seems very weak from what I have seen in the store

    -Ear sound quality - Does the Treo sound good to the caller and the caller sound good to you with the earpiece?

    -Microsoft - Can this or are there 3rd party apps that will let me save and work with WORD files as WORD files, not txt documents, and xfer them back and forth?

    -Screen Washout - Is the screen REALLY UNREADABLE in bright sunlight?

    - Pocket PC - I am a pocket PC person for a long time, however I loathe grafitti or stylus based items and love thumboards... Do you know of or think a device may become available that is a Pocket PC with a thumboard? I have never seen or heard of anything like that coming out...

    Thank you very much in advance for your opinions... I have about 9 days to return the Sanyo to get the Treo... So any replies from Treo users are very helpful....

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    Hi Mike,

    As someone who got the Sanyo 4900 the day it came out, and just switched to the Treo 300, I will say this... the treo EASILY owns the 4900 as far as useability and practicality go. I got very frustrated with the Sanyo's lack of responsiveness when trying to use its web minibroswer. Its signal strength meter was very optimistic and I would occasionally lose a call here and there when it claimed I had a strong signal. And the promised talk and standy times - 4.5 hours, 16 days respectively - weren't even close to reality. Granted the talk time and standby weren't unnacceptable... the phone would go for about two days before it needed charging. However the claims of battery endurance were highly exaggerated, at least in my use of the phone.

    What killed me though was the data side of the phone. It was very slow and cumbersome for me, and while I had no doubt that the data side of the network was quite fast, the phone was really bottlenecking the throughput, and at times page rendering took a lot longer than a page load would take on the old 2G wireless web. It felt a lot like having a dedicated t3 connection hooked up to a Pentium 90 chugging away with 32 MB of ram - the connection is fast, but there was no way that computer will ever come close to realizing that speed.

    So the first chance I had, I went back and exchanged the 4900 for a Treo, and with only a day of use, I'm already very impressed. I was pleasantly surprised that the Treo does make a very useable phone, unlike the clunkiness I felt with previous Palm phones made by Kyocera and Qualcomm. The sound quality was good enough that when I discovered I locked my keys in my car in my excitement to get the new phone, I was able to call AAA and clearly hear the call despite the traffic whizzing by on the highway adjacent to the Sprint store's parking lot. =) And if you're worried about battery life, I'd say it's about equal to the battery life I experienced with the Sanyo. And besides, if you're really worried, the fact that the Treo comes with a car charger and can charge at home while you synch the device really helps.

    With a few software updates, I had a useable web browser, my e-mail was being pushed to me using Sprint Business Connection Personal Edition, and I basically had my vision of what I *expected* 3G to be. I know I'm paying another $5 a month for that push-mail feature, but I figure that because this feature eliminates any desire I have for a Blackberry (which I used off and on for a while), and my already-existing collection of Palm apps and games far beats the $3.99-a-pop "premium" content that sprint offers for the other handsets, this feature is more than paying for itself.

    To address your other questons:

    - The speakerphone is not as good as the Sanyo's. This is one thing Sanyo got right, but I think Treo flubbed a bit by trying to use the earpiece as a speaker. The speakerphone is too tinny for me as a result. But I found the habit of using a headset for handsfree use to be not so bad either.

    - You can view word and office documents on a palm using a third party piece of software called DocumentsToGo. I believe DataViz makes this product.

    - Memory issues: for Palm, apps take up very little space, so 16Mb is currently plenty. However, this is definitely not an MP3 player or a pic viewing kind of device. For that, you'd want something like a Sony Clie.

    - Screen: I found the screen to be about as readable in sunlight as the Sanyo 4900's screen. In other words, not very. You could if you really had to, though. The screen is excellent, however, in ambient indoor light.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the other phones are probably a bit faster to use than the sanyo 4900 (after all, the Sanyo is the cheapest 3G handset they offer, so SOMETHING had to be skimped on). But if you're stuck between that and a Treo, I strongly recommend you ditch that 4900 and fast.
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    -Battery life - Important for me
    My guessestimate would be that you get a bit over an hour of talk time over one day of usage. Thats what I got (I had the screen brightness on default, vibrate on, and was going in and out of weak coverage areas, so I was certainly putting the battery through a lot of stress). Thats sort of consistant with my experiences using other phones: I tend to get half the "advertised" rate. I would guess you get 2.5 hours if you stand right next to a cell and start talking right after you rip the phone off the charger.

    -No changable battery - Do you find that since the battery life is short and there is no way to charge the unit that you end up stuck.. with no phone or pda?
    The PDA will last quite a while if you turn wireless mode off. Others have noted that an external battery may be in the works. still others have noted that the phone charges quickly

    Screen Washout - Is the screen REALLY UNREADABLE in bright sunlight?
    No, Its more readable that the i300. You can cup your hands over the phone and make something out.
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    Thanks for your input....

    I am starting to reconsider and may go to the TREO now...

    I would love more opinions.. but please address my points from my original post about the Treo... and not as much worry about the Sanyo.. I know the Sanyo has plenty of issues...

    But need to be sold or not on the Treo...

    Coverage, and baterry life are my main issues...

    So if ANYONE can tell me abouth theior true battery experiences and service area experiences, please do.

    I need to decide before the 14 days are up, this week!


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    As far as battery life, has anyone used the web nonstop, without talking?

    How is the battery life with the web only... does it use as much juice as talking?

    Is there better battery life if you only use the web oruse the web more than the phone??


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