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    i know this topic has been done and done again, but doesn't anyone out there want a full-sized keyboard (stowaway or logitch style) for their treo? the thumbboard is okay, but not really for taking notes or large volumn text entry. any news on this? i heard rumor that thinkoutside was going to do something, but then all i ever hear about is new stowaways for kyocera and sony models.
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    I'd LOVE a Stowaway for my Treo 300. That would make it a complete mobile office package.

    I've used the Stowaway with my Palm IIIXE, and it is one of the best keyboards I've ever used, on any computer. I probably hit 70 words per minute on it.
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    I picked up a Visor Stowaway at Best Buy for $30. So I am going to look into making an adapter that will allow me to plug my Treo into it. The big problem might be that the software for the Visor may not work properly in the Treo.
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    I built my adaptor, and I am sorry that I have yet to post the instructions! I will do so soon.

    The driver is universal, it will work fine.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    i have done 0 research on this, but is there a keyboard for the treo 180g, and i wonder, would it work for the 90?
    again, i have no clue
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    None yet, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $but$ $chances$ $are$ $one$ $would$ $work$ $for$ $all$ $Treo$ $models$.
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    One for the 180g? what's the website...chances are very good that it would work for all Treos since the plug is the same...
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
    HELLO TG50
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    is there, not there is. sorry lol
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    I know I realized that while reading the post over a second my excitement up for nothing...oh well I am sure that there are a few just around the corner (Just like the Vaja case).
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
    HELLO TG50
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    ya, about the keyboard, i think the manufactures were scared about supporting a dead product (180). however, now, with the 180, 180g, 270, 90 and 300, they cant ignore the Treo for long.....
    I love my Treo 90.
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    It seems Miradu has the answers...I'll wait patiently on him. I already have a Stowaway for my Visor.

    I've been waiting on switching from my Visor/Visorphone till they announce a keyboard. I can't imagine not using it. There's no way I could do the speed on that litttle thumb keyboard in a meeting.

    Come on have patiently-waiting fans!!

    Michael J. Barnes
    Associate Professor
    Wayne State University

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    I emailed ThinkOutside about this...they have no plans for a keyboard for the Treo. Also talked with pocketop (wireless keyboard for PocketPC and Palm devices), and they have no plans to make it compatible with the Treo (already tried with my Visor-version of it). I agree about the problem taking notes...although I am getting faster with the thumbboard, it's just not the same. However, if someone has a hack (and adaptor), I'll buy one!
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    something kinna cool that i found that could work...

    its an IR keyboard thats compatible with all palm os and pocket pc.

    it looks cool, although its also kinda hookey, its definately no stowaway

    ive never seen one of these, or even heard of them before..... oh well, something cool to look at......
    I love my Treo 90.
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    Nope...that one doesn't work with the Treo300. May work with the 90, though. It does work with other Visors, Palms and most PocketPC devices.

    I had one with my Visor, was hoping it would work with the Treo, but no go.

    (BTW, it's made by pocketop...see above posting).
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    I stand corrected...I just found out that the Micro Innovations keyboard DOES work with the Treo! I apologize to all who listened to me...serve us all right for listening to an ***** (me!).

    It's not as good as the Stowaway was (a little klugie when you want to type numbers or most punctuation (similar to the Treo keyboard, itself). But, it is much larger than the Treo keyboard, and you can do touchtyping rather than thumbing, so it is faster. I can now do full notes and emails on my Treo! It's great!
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    sbcrair, how do you get your ir port to work with the flip lid... seems like it'd be in the way?

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    The program provides a utility that can turn the screen right, left or upside down. Rest the Treo against the case or holster, turn it upside down, and point the IR at the keyboard. Voila!
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    Going back to the adaptor deali.. I had no school today do to an unexpected power outage, so I had the time to write it. I attempted to redesign it to not need a cradle, and while the design is functional, somewhere along the way something broke and it will not work with my Treo 180... All my connections are secure etc - dunno. I followed my own instructions, so I'm going to look at them more when I'm awake again. I really am bad at soldering as small as the Treo connector. I promise that when I get pics I'll post... I have the text now.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    can you post soon please miradu! Its this that is the line between whether i buy a 90 or 300.. ive got both in hand atm and got about 7 days to return ;p
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    This little thing is growing on me, and I say that as someone who has used and loved the Stowaway. I like the smaller folded size of the Micro Innovations (compared to the Stowaway), and carry it with me most places (fits nicely in a shirt pocket;
    treo goes in pants pocket). I can touch type on it pretty well (not as fast as on Stowaway, however, and have to hunt around for the non letter characters). This combo of Treo and external keyboard is great for keeping connected via email and updating my to do list while I'm out and about during the day.
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