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    I'm sorry - which full size Palm keyboard? That would be great with me. Are you referring to the thumboard?

    I'm going for anything portable at this point

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    I was referring to the Stowaway kybd from ThinkOutside. It's not a thumb board. The Stowaway is a full sized kybd that collapses across 3 hinges and becomes almost as small as a PalmIII. I've included a web link (see below) if you're not familiar with them. They're highly regarded and work extrememly well. I used one with my old PalmVIIx for about 1.5 years and absolutely love it.

    I am not fond of the Treo thumb board at all, which is why I bought the 180g (Graffiti model), however, I do have an occasional need for taking lenghy notes. It is for these situations that the Stowaway has been very well suited.

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    I finally get it. I missed one of your posts.

    I also have a stowaway for my Palm Vx, I'd love to see the aforementioned adapter as well. I certainly miss the keyboard in meeting situations.

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    The mi keyboard will not work if sms300 is active - weird
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    this app can really speed up text input. plus the mroe you use a word the sooner it comes up on the list.
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    I use one of these

    Several great things about it:
    * Small form
    * Wireless (Ir)
    * With adapter, use with your PC
    * Miserly power consumption (internal watch type battery)
    * Takes less than 1/2 hour to learn the basics
    * Designed with PalmOS in mind
    * Attracts a lot of stares

    I can now type twice my handwriting speed.

    Oh, Microwriting is not new. It's been around for the best part of twenty years.
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    I thought this would interest everyone. I received this from Handspring:


    Dear Michael Barnes,

    Thank you for contacting Handspring.

    The product you inquired about is currently not available. At this time, third party companies are working to make this product available. When this product is available you will be able to find it at or We are continuously working to improve our products and service so please check back frequently to see if we've implemented your request.

    If you need further assistance please reply to this email or call 1-888-565-9393.

    I'm wondering if Handspring will make a full-sized, foldable keyboard like the Stowaway for the Treo line. I'm contemplating upgrading to the 270 from my VisorPhone, but have no desire to lose the ability to have touch-typing.

    I would strongly encourage Handspring to do this. Many people are interested. This is obvious when reading the discussion board:

    Thank you.
    Michael J. Barnes
    Associate Professor
    Wayne State University

    Visor >> VisorPhone >> Treo 300 >> Treo 600 >> Treo 650>> Centro >> Pre+
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    this sounds like a coockie cutter reply - not really indicating anything. Who knows though..
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Especially if you follow the link to It is a fire supply service. I think they mean

    Michael J. Barnes
    Associate Professor
    Wayne State University

    Visor >> VisorPhone >> Treo 300 >> Treo 600 >> Treo 650>> Centro >> Pre+
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