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    Finally an external keyboard for the Treo! Granted, I love (and miss) my Stowaway for my old Visor, but I guess we can't wait forever for a Treo version.

    Kami or whoever has one, how easy is it to carry around? Of course, it won't be as convenient as the Stowaway (one of it's major selling points, IMHO), but how does it compare?

    Wow, I just found their main website and it has more specs and a DEMO. U gotta check it out:

    I didn't realize it actually fits on top of the PDA. But, I carry mine in a belt holster (Handspring's Action Pack). It looks really nice. I guess it somehow attaches to the Treo, but I can't figure it out from the demo (stylus area?). Also, it looks smaller than the Stoway.

    Oh well, I'm really missing a Stowaway for the Treo, but this seems like a nice replacement.

    Hmm.. does Santa take early requests?
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    It doesn't actually fit on top of the Treo...what you see in that picture is a little mirror that reflects the IR from the Palm's IR port down to the IR port on the keyboard. The Palm sits on a stand that has a little fold-up mirror attached. Kinda hokey, but I guess it works for the Palm.

    That doesn't work for the Treo, though. Since you have to have the lid on the Treo open to operate it, it doesn't sit at all well on the stand. What I do is use the accompanying software to turn the screen upside down on the Treo, then use my holster (the plastic version from Handspring) to keep the Treo steady and slightly inclined towards me so I can read the screen while I'm typing. Works, but I do miss my stowaway! It is LOTS smaller than the stowaway, though. I agree with Kami that it is growing on me...took me a while to get used to the function keys to do anything but straight letters (eg, punctuation, numbers, etc.)

    I use it in conjunction with Natara's Daynotez software to keep notes from all my meetings (been doing that for the last three years or great), so that I don't have to carry a paper notebook with me anymore. I use the keypad on the treo for short stuff, and the MIcroInnovations keyboard for longer stuff.
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    OK, so, having read all the posts - is there an answer?

    Is there any keyboard (wireless or plugged in) that works (as in out of the box, install the drivers and then type) with the Treo 90?

    That would also mean I could read the screen (not upside down either) while I'm typing.

    I just called MicroInnovations and the Customer Service guy was quite adimant (sp?) that the keyboard wouldn't work with the Treo 90.



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    Well, I can't vouch for the Treo 90, but I have the Treo 300, and the MicroInnovations keyboard (IR version) works just fine. The software allows me to turn the screen upside down (so I can read it right side up because the IR port is on top). I then put the treo in it's holster with the lid open (lay the holster on the table, and it leans a little towards me so I can see the screen). Then, type away!

    The MI tech support guys also told me it wouldn't work, but since I had one already (used to use it with my Visor), I tried it and it worked!
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    Total coolness! Thanks!

    Phillip (a.k.a. palmguy at anyother forum in the world)
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    I haven't gotten one yet (very close), but I did see the keyboard in a Southern New Jersey CompUSA (Mount Laurel).

    Impression from just seeing the unit (it was only in a box, so I couldn't 'test' drive it ) is it's smaller than what I imagined and looks like it would be work with the Treo.

    If I get it, I'll give my .02.....
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    Heres a hint.. Keep buggin Handspring for a fullsize foldable Treo keyboard....

    HS just might break... But I bet they need to hear it from users themselves!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
  9. #29 mean Handspring is going to do what Sony did and make (or get another company to make) a keyboard for the Treo???

    P.S. I sure hope so.
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
    HELLO TG50
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    Miradu wheres your guide on connecting the stowaway?
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    hehehe- forget stowaway, i want one of these...too cool....
    invisible keyboard

    or this!!!! this is SWEET!!!
    Laser Keyboard
    I love my Treo 90.
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    miradu where are ya?
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    I too, have been waiting rather impatiently for a Stowaway keyboard for my 180g. Graffiti is terrific on my 180 and I'm pretty fast indeed. However, I'm a touch typist and a full-sized keyboard is just plain better for writing lengthy notes. I've enjoyed using a GoType! with my PalmVII and the superior Stowaway with my PalmVIIx. I want one very badly for my Treo.

    I contacted ThinkOutside when I got my Treo a few months ago, but they state they don't comment on product plans.

    I borrowed a friends Micro Innovations IR keyboard and just couldn't get it to work unless I held the Treo 1" from the mirror. I tried turning it on its side and still no luck. Given the alignment must be maintained at all times, I remain skeptical that this could be accomplished since I move any keyboard slightly as I type.

    So, what am I doing in the mean time? ...chomping at the bit for Stowaway mod instructions. Any progress, Miradu? Any estimation as to when you might be ready to post them? Until then, my Stowaway gently weeps.

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    I've been using the Micro Innovations keyboard since I got my Treo (in August), and it works reasonably well. I use the software to turn the screen completely upside down, and rest it against my case so that it leans a little up (so I can see the screen), and the IR port is pointing to the MI keyboard. The keyboard is nowhere near as good as my old Stowaway, but I talked with the Think Outside folks, too, and after much needling, they said they have no plans to come out with a keyboard for the Treo. Oh, well, it'll do for now. (BTW, I don't use the mirror at all...never did work for me).
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    I just got the micro-innovations keyboard and discovered that the blue nomad writing program -- wordsmith does not work with the keyboard. Weird!!!
    Henry L lazarus
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    the micro-innovations key board didn't work today at all. frustrating
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    Yes, I found it extremely difficult to just make a lasting connection for more than 5 solid seconds. I might reconsider this keyboard if they made some adjustments for the Treo, however, considering this kybd design is supposed to work across many of the PalmOS models I have doubts that they'll be adjusting it for any single model anytime soon.

    I'm just stuck w/o a full-sized kybd until those mod instructions become available for the Stowaway? Have they been posted yet?

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    Hi Mead,

    Which full sized keyboard have you got rigged? I'd settle for that - it's more a portability issue. I've got room in my backpack for a bigger keyboard...

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    Sorry for any confusion. I'm currently w/o [read: without] a full-sized kybd. I'm awaiting either a commercial solution in the form of a full-sized kybd adapted for the Treo, or those aforementioned mod instructions for my current (PalmIII/VIIx) Stowaway kybd mentioned a while ago in this thread.

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    I wasn't clear in my reply. I don't have anything rigged. I'm just living w/o the use of a full-sized Palm kybd.

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