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    Ok, I've tried Sprint support and they were no help so I'm hoping you guys can help. How do you check the amount of data usage during the month? I found on Sprint's web site how to check my minutes but not data. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    *4 is supposed to give you voice and data usage. Data usage wasn't offered last time I tried. Costs you minutes to check.
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    Im a 3G tech at sprint, first let me start off by saying im here to help to the best of my ability... To answer you question *4 will evently tell you data usuage but right now our systems are not setup to tell us this info, nor is manage portion of the PCS website. This why sprint has decided until they can fix the problem of how to bill packet data there will be no overage charges. Also FYI *4 on aug 28th will start charging you airtime on your phone.
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