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    A new version of TreoPictureCallerID is now available at . v0.3 supports the Treo300 phone and has many UI improvements.

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    I tried TreoPictureCallerID with my Treo 300, and I thought it was a pretty good app. I have two gripes though.

    First, I have always stored all of my phone numbers using .'s as the dellimeter (eg. 215.555.1212) - TreoPictureCallerID considers these invalid phone numbers. It would be nice if I didn't have to retype each phone number as I assigned them to a picture.

    Second, I consult and I have many clients at different companys. So, I loaded all of their corporate logos - that way when the phone rings I can guess what the call is about with just a quick glance. It would really nice if TreoPictureCallerId would allow one to assign a picture to a group as opposed to having to assign it to each individual phone record.

    Other then that it's a good app. And it's here, as opposed to Ringo et. al.

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    DUNC.. i believe i read somewhere that you can set wildcards up on the numbers tied to the pictures. maybe that might help.

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    Yes, you use wildcards and that does help for several of my clients. But I also have some clients that are at physically different locations, so wildcards buy me nothing as the numbers are radically different. It's really those people that I think being able to use groups would benefit the most.


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