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    Hi all, I have moved on to the world of the Pre some time ago.
    Both my girlfriend and mother are still in the Centro world. Until recently my mother's Centro got wet and shorted or so I think, she has a Pixi now.

    My girlfriend is still hobbling along on one of the good old Centros, though they REALLY DIE FAST if gotten wet (I know I've lost a few over the years to wetness too).

    Besides the old rice trick which usually works, any suggestions as the Centro really seems more sensitive then most to water (even sweat) and she really doesn't like Palm's current offerings.
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    I recently went back to the old Centro as well.

    Just last night i had some water spill on the table and some on my phone. I wiped off the phone and proceeded to make a call. The sound was muffled and distant. After blowing directly into the ear piece, the sound was clearer.

    I also remember the same thing happening when my 1 year old, at the time, would slobber all over my phone.

    Whenever moisture would hit the connectors on the charge port...the phone would end up in an endless reboot and practically bricked.

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