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    What is the best e-mail program out there that allows the viewing of MS Excel and Word. Any help.
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    I have had some limited success with MultiMail Pro. I cannot recommend it, however, as it has not been updated in a looooooong time and when I tried to contact their technical support, they had no clue. This was probably because they were bought out by Palm and I was actually talking to Palm's technical support. You can download a trial version so maybe try this and see if it meets your needs. The trial version is available here.

    Other than this, there are programs/servics available for wireless email that can handle attachments in a variety of formats. Dataviz has a beta out of In-Box to Go which works with Documents to Go and there are a number of threads here that deal with the others. One is Corsoft Aileron. Here is a link to a thread discussing this service.
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