After reading the OS X thread, I thought I'd try it with my PB G3 (Firewire) since my Power Mac G4 doesn't have IR and USB isn't solved yet. It worked well.

PB G3 running OS 9.2.2 and Palm Desktop 2.6 (HS): Set HotSynch Port settings to IR Port under local setup. In the conduit settings I had everything in Synchronize, but Install to Do Nothing.

Treo 300: Set HotSynch to Local. Select "IR to a PC/Handheld".

Line up the IR ports and touch the HotSynch icon on the Treo. Off it goes.

Be advised it took a while for apps with large data (e.g., date book) a good 3-4 minutes to transfer so be patient.

The only issue I ran into was that when it was done and showed "cleaning up...please wait" it stayed on that screen for a long time and never went away. I did a soft reset and was good to go.

I hope this helps. It's nice to have all my Visor Deluxe and Desktop data loaded into the Treo.