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    I am still stuck on this not being able to send SMS messages. I dont like the idea of having to use or Isnt there any way to just directly respond from a better SMS application, or is it just not going to happen as long as I am with Sprint. This is a big disapontment. I am so used to my Skytel 2way paging, and the only solution right now seems to be to get my 300 replaced with a 270 and go to Voicestream....any advice?
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    FWIW -- I spoke with our SprintPCS rep at my company, and she said Sprint is planning switching to 2-way SMS in approx 4 months. She claims the TREO 300 and other 3G devices will just start 'working' on 2-way when the network is switched.

    I hope she's right -- I agree, one way SMS is useless. To get around it, I just send via my email program, iambic mail. It's not as convienent to send, but works.

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