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    I noticed the following specification from the Treo 3000 web page from handspring:

    "A symphony of ring tones Most phones play little songs when they ring, but only one note at a time. With polyphonic ring tones, you can hear up to 16 different notes and MIDI instruments all at once. So your Treo 300 communicator will get into the groove of your favorite song whenever someone calls—complete with drums, bass, guitars, horns and more. You can even assign individual ring tones to anyone in your speed dial list. "

    Any idea if this is available for Treo 270 with new patches from Handspring!
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    I have "Tealmovie" on my Treo. There is a demo file (Moonwalk) with nice "Polyphonic?" Sound included. Why shouldn´t someone make some Software for the 270 with better Ringtones? I think there´s hope!

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    As far as i know by now, it is possible (Since Palm OS 3.0) that PalmOS PDA´s produce polyphonic Sound. Hope someone works on nice Ringtones for the Treo :-) Please!

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    I hope I'm wrong, but I highly doubt we'll see this on the 180 or 270. The sound you're hearing with tealmovie is 1-bit sample playback. And while they could rig somthing to play samples for ringtones, it would never have the volume needed to get your attention the way a ringer should. And the treo's standard midi playback is strictly tone generated with the peizo buzzer. To simulate multi-channel sound you have to alternate between notes at high speed which causes some side effects, mainly 1) it eats the cpu alive, and 2) volume drops for every channel added. Something else (hardware I mean) was added to the 300 to give it polyphonic sound - either a mini-wavetable (most likely) or something else.

    Again, I hope I'm wrong. Handspring could blow us all away and make all of our treo's polyphonic. That sure would be nifty.

    - Matt

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