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    It looks like we will all have to petition Access US to see if we can get them to release NetFront for Palm 3.5.

    I've seen some info around the net and it looks like it will be the most advanced browser including real Javascript support but it will be headed straight into the PalmOS 5.0 version.

    Pictures look amazing of how well it renders sites and real support for all kinds of normal web site features from frames to javascript 1.3. Unforuntately, can't find the site again with the screenshots of it taken from a virtual version of PalmOS 5 running on a PC.

    Other possible sources of a higher functioning web browser could be from Opera which has been a hold out -- they have a version for the Nokia Communicators and someone to try and use opensource Mozzilla/Gecko to make a scaled down Palm compatible version.

    Or maybe Handspring could just update Blazer to 1994 level tech.

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    I think the limitation with the browsers that are now available is tied to the OS and the processors being used. OS 5 will work on fasrter, more powerful processors. Thus, you will see applications designed weith more features to take advantage of the horsepower.

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