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    Got my Treo configured with Sprint Business Connection software, and I can wirelessly retrieve and "sync" my corporate email.

    But we cannot get it to "push" the email to my Treo every 15 minutes or the setup screen says in the mail program....I have to manually "sync" each time - -

    Anyone out there successfully implement the "push" option yet?
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    Seems like it took a day or so to work, though. Go to and make sure all the settings there are what you expect.
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    My opinion is that if you have smart sync enabled you think your mail gets pushed. I don't know whether it's a push or a pull but when I turned on smart sync (yes, I've read what it does but it's a bit vague) I seem to get new mail pretty quickly. Busy day today.. not much time for testing. I'm getting lots of mail though. Slightly worried about whether it does a complete sync which would use more bytes. Read the users manual which mentions a delta sync, then try to find the option. Let me know if you do. I didn't
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    I have been using BC since Sunday. The first 2 days it did not push email to my Palm, however starting Tuesday it worked. Now email is pushed to me automatically. It is awesome!

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