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    Hi all, I am hoping that someone can help me out. I was trying to use iambicMail for my email, but my email requires me to use a different smtp server with different authnetication. Does anyone know how to set this up or another email prog that will allow me to do this!

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    I know multimail will support this.
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    Eudora allows authenticated SMTP.
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    I just installed multimail and I can not fine where it allows for a seperate username and password for the SMTP server. Please help.
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    Got it working with Eudora! Thanks
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    Ok, this is getting frustrating. I got the outgoing smtp to work with a seperate login/password in Eudora....but I can't pop my account, I keeping getting a "protocol error". I can pop it will all the other programs I have got, but can't get another program that will allow me to supply a login/pass to the smtp server! Please help!

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