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    For those considering their Treo 300 by Web, there are some differences between ordering from Handspring vs. SPCS.

    If you order from Handspring, the number of service plan combinations is limited, however, since Handspring does not have physical presence in the majority of states, they don't charge sales tax on the purchase. If you order from SPCS, you will get hit with sales tax, however, the plan combinations are more robust plus you get 6,000 extra Night and Weekend minutes spread over the first six months.
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    Depends on when you want to activate it... I ordered from Handspring (no tax, no shipping, free car charger) on Monday and received it today. Then, I'll just Sprint CS and have them activate it with my other phone (sharing minutes). If you're really gung-ho on activating on-line, you can always activate on Sprint's web site once you get the phone:

    I wouldn't buy based on what plans you see offered anyway. I'd call Sprint CS and have them give you the best deal.

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    I bought mine from Handspring. The plan info you select there does not mean a thing. When you call Sprint, they ask you the plan all over again. I selected a different plan when I got the phoe than when I ordered it from Handspring.

    I had ordered on Monday with expedited delivery, I received it on Wednesday. The big reason that I ordered from Handspring was the free car charger. I asked a Sprint Sales Rep on the phone if I got the car charger and they said no. I have heard from other here that the car charger has come with both Sprint orders and Comp USA orders.

    If you want it fast, I would buy from Comp USA. Just make sure the car charger is there. They should open the box for you. I bought from Handspring to support them. They receive a higher profit on direct sales.

    I am not sure on the impact of hardware warrantees. I did sign up for the $4 insurance from Sprint. A $35 deductable on a $500 phone is worth it.

    Good luck!!!
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