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    The backlight went out on my Treo 270 on 8/5. I called Handspring and got my replacement on 8/7. My replacement seems to have a brighter screen and runs faster than my original 270. Anyone else noticed this or is this just my imagination?


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    I bought 2 on Memorial Day. Received them on June 12th. Still have not fail on backlite yet, though I wish them to fail me now better than later. Is the new batch of 270 has brighter screen? I think so because I had seen comments on 300 screen to be brighter and I have seen a 90 screen seems to be brighter and bigger. Is the new batch faster too? Perhaps it is because of newer ROM content.

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    My second and third replacements definately are brighter!
    Faster? I don't see that.
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    My replacement is definitely brighter than my other one. So far everything is well. I haven't noticed a speed advantage though.


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