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    Hey Guys,

    I'm wondering how to disable the predictive
    text input. It happens in Memo Pad or SMS wherein
    when you type mo+space bar, it completes to
    "month".... or when you type yr+space bar, it
    completes to "year". I like it at first but later on I
    find it annoying.



    I Love My Treo270
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    You can't

    This was a gripe I mentioned in the Tre 90 review - it has the same problem. For me it's worse, MN is minute to the treo, even though I sue it a a ton ofr my state abbreiv. Very annoying.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Can I disable the "auto-fill" feature on my Treo?

    I got a reply from Handspring support:


    No. But there's a quick way to undo auto-fill completions.

    The auto-fill feature of Palm OS automatically completes a few common words such as month when you type mo. PhoneBook also guesses the completion of names using those it already knows in your contacts. This saves time and typing for ubiquitous text strings. For example, if you are entering your relatives' information into your address book, and they all have the last name of "Smith," Treo will begin to fill in "Smith" when you write "Sm" in the last-name field.

    You can undo auto-fill completions by entering two backspaces immediately after the auto-fill occurs. It will undo the correction.

    Example: if you want to enter MO for Missouri, and Treo keeps automatically filling in "month" every time you enter the letters "MO," you can enter the letters "MO" and immediately hit backspace twice. It will change "month" back to MO.
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    thanks for the info - it works. of course its still a hassle ... but well better than nothing
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    Where can we find the list of shortcuts for predictive text-input?
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    hr - hour
    id - I'd
    il - I'll
    mo - month
    mn - minute
    yr - year

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