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    is there a download for AOL AIM for Palm OS?
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    I downloaded the Palm version and got it installed, but it seems to drop the connection and won't notify me if I receive a new IM. Thought there was supposed to be a better solution for this - my Samsung 8500 with wireless web at least kept the connection (even if I disconnected from wireless web) and would notify me when i rec'd a new message. If you find a better solution, please send me a PM.
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    Bump. Does anyone have a "good" AOL instant messanger app?
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    I tried that link, it's not vaild. can someone give me a link to a site that has a palm version of aim for a treo 600
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    I am a Causerie user, and it's great....little impact on battery life, and you can connect to all of the IM platforms simultaneously. The product is still in active development, and input for future features is welcomed - and just in case you're wondering, NO - I don't work for or own the company...I just really wanted a product that worked and this is the one for me!
    Hope this helps!

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