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    Originally posted by intractv
    Here are my observations of Xiino-

    Images are displayed much smaller than in Blazer and are more difficult to see. Some might argue that smaller is better however on images that also serve as navigation links it can be tough.
    I noticed that, too. Even images that might fit the screen turn out smaller. I have a page that has a logo on it that's 155 pixel wide. Still it's reduced to about 2/3 of the size. That's pretty strange since it's not like the download time would improve because of that, right? Xiino still has to download the whole image before reducing it in size.

    Since I don't do heavy surfin' I stick to Blazer. Maybe when rates inprove inGermay I'll consider switching...

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    Originally posted by gmaugham
    I've been using Xiino for a while and really like it. It will access Outlook Web Access IF the OWA server is configured to recognize it as a compatible browser.

    Where does one do this on the Exchange server?
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