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    I bought my new Treo 5 days ago and I am being told that I cant get 3G internet until my next billing cycle with sprint. That means having the phone for nearly a week without internet. Ive been with sprint for years, so I know about their customer service. I called them 4 times to try and get an answer I liked. They ranged from "sorry it cant be done" twice, "it can be done on a prorated charge", "it can be done, with a 24 hr delay, then after the billing cycle there may be another 48 hr delay".

    What gives? An established customer has to wait, but a new subscriber is up and going in minutes.

    Just something to consider if your with sprint and thinking of switching. Dont switch right after your billing cycle
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    That is bizarre really --

    Not to rub salt......but I had just 10 minutes with CS rep yesterday on the phone, and one hour later was activated with 3G.

    It's still not moving at great speeds, but I can't fathom why they must provision you differently......that it would take that long.....when they can "provision" a cell phone # it shouldn't seem to matter whether it's a transferred #, or a new #
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    You can get it between billing cycles. But you will get a whole bunch of charges on one cycle, and get a refund on the next. You also may not be able to check your current usage. until the new cycle

    My CSR initially said I won't get it until the next billing cycle. I said I want to do it intracycle, and insisted.

    There's also a high liklihood that some charges may get screwed up. Look over the next two bills very closely.
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    I have changed plans both ways. Sprint CSR's attempt to steer you toward changes only at the end of your billing cycle because, as previously stated, the pro-rated nature of the charges are entirely unintelligable to the uninitiated. However, it absolutely can be done, and the CSR is either a moron or lazy if they tell you otherwise. It is EASIER to do it at the end of the cycle -- impossible? NO
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    Well that explains why I was told it would take 24 hours to provision my phone. I couldn't understand why everyone else on here seemed to get provisioned much more quickly. Ironically, I am at the end of my billing cycle today, but, since I started the process yesterday, I'll probably still get prorated charges.

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